Web DNA Report 2019

What are the Top 10 Frustrations for Web Developers and Designers? Lessons from the 2019 MDN Developer Needs Assessment.

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We are very happy to announce the launch of the first edition of a global, annual study of designer and developer needs on the web: The MDN Web Developer Needs Assessment. It is intended to shape the future of the web platform.

On single-vendor platforms, only one organization has to research developer needs and decide how to address them in the future. It’s not that straightforward on the web, where multiple organizations need to be involved in feature decisions, from browser vendors to standards bodies and industry. As a result, change can be slow to come, which means that pain points may take a long time to address.

In discussions with people involved in the standardization and implementation of web platform features, one need came up repeatedly, “We need to hear more from developers.”

That is what the MDN Web Developer Needs Assessment aspires to be: the voice of developers and designers working on the web.

Like the community, this assessment is not owned by a single organization. It was not tailored to fit the priorities of participating browser vendors, or to mirror other existing assessments. These findings are published under the umbrella of the MDN Product Ad- visory Board, and the survey used for data collection was designed with input from more than 30 stakeholders representing board member organizations including browser vendors, the W3C, and industry.

This report would not exist without the input of more than 28,000 developers and designers from 173 countries who took the twenty minutes necessary to complete the survey. That’s more than 10,000 hours contributed by the community to provide an understanding of the pain points, wants, and needs of people working to build the web.

The input provided by survey participants is already influencing how browser vendors prioritize feature development to address the needs of designers and developers, both on and off the web. By producing this report annually, it will be possible to track changing needs and pain points over time, enabling all stakeholders to see the impact of their efforts on the future of the web.


July 16 — August 14

Collect Survey data

Fielded in July 2019 for four weeks on MDN and Product Advisory Board member channels

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July 14 to December 16

Produce report

Aggregation and analysis of survey data and free form responses in 8 languages.

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December 17

Share data & insights on microsite with wider community.

First public launch of the MDN Web DNA report.